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Kindness Always Returns

kindness always returns


Stay Motivated at Work

Everyone needs motivation to do their best in the workplace. It can be difficult to wake up every day, commute to work and settle in at your desk five days a week for forty hours a week and still maintain a certain amount of success.

We have all had days when motivation escapes us. Maybe we aren’t feeling well that day or a personal matter interferes with our concentration on the work in front of us. This is normal, but there are ways to avoid these distractions to stay focused and motivated in the office.

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Do Not Be Afraid to Fail

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” There are no failures, just your experience and reactions to them”

… Tom Krause

Most of us are afraid of failures.  But why ?  Yes, failures can create a negative feeling within us and the feeling does not feel good at all. But let’s take a positive look at the situation.  With careful reflection, we will know what are the causes of failure and not to repeat them again.  This is experience and is positive.  It helps us grow our wealth of knowledge.

However, the most important point is that we do not repeat the same mistake again.  Otherwise, we are not better off than the previous experience.

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Finding the Creativity in You

Don’t you love it when your creativity manifests itself? Creativity brings us benefits that go far beyond artistic expression. Being a creative person can help you to be a better (and higher paid) employee, a better problem solver and an all around more effective person in anything you choose to do.

Even if you don’t think of yourself as an especially creative person, you’ll be glad to know that it’s there within you just waiting for you to use it! Creativity can be expressed in many different ways. Plus, there are many techniques you can use to develop and nurture your natural creativity.

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Spread The Virus of Happiness at Work

Even while the recession puts more pressure on many businesses, there’s no reason that the atmosphere must be dire. Happy workers do better work and better work is the only way to weather the economy.  Thus, it is important to have a happy and highly motivated work place.

No matter what position you hold, you can take charge of the way you think to increase your job satisfaction and have a positive influence on your colleagues.

If you think carefully about it, it is a win-win situation.  So, join in and spread the happiness virus. Enjoy your life and the things you do.

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I Keep A Positive Attitude Through any Challenge

I keep a positive attitude through any challenge.

Everyone faces challenges. Because they are always a possibility, I decide how I will react to them ahead of time. I choose to keep a positive attitude, no matter what life brings to me. By staying in peace and joy, I can handle any challenge I must face.

Challenges can be mental or physical, but they are all different and each one has something to teach me. I embrace my challenges and see them as opportunities. Because I see them in a positive light, they seem smaller and easier to handle.

Learning from challenges rather than fighting them is my choice. I learn so much from the things that come across my path. The negative things in my life only serve to make me appreciate the blessings even more.

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6 Ways to Rediscover Your Motivation

When you take decisive action to achieve your goals, you can find the strength and motivation to carry on. Avoid letting obstacles in your path prevent you from attaining the dream life that you deserve because, with hard work, the ability to bring your dreams to life is just around the corner.

Do you ever feel lost when trying to achieve your goals, especially when progress seems so far away?

If you’ve lost your way in trying to achieve a goal, you may find it difficult to rebuild your motivation. But there’s nothing stopping you from picking yourself up again!

If you feel like you’re off track, now is the perfect time for you to gather your thoughts and move forward again. This is a perfectly achievable feat, but you must be willing to give it your all.

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Get Inspired Everyday

How can you feel inspired again? There are many ways to bring inspiration back into your life. Inspiration is all around you, ready to jumpstart your passions, if only you’ll let it in! Remember that inspiration is a state of mind that includes positive thoughts, emotions, and actions.

  • One way you can find inspiration and motivation is to use inspiring quotes, sayings, or affirmations to encourage a positive mindset.

Using Inspirational Sayings

Many people read greeting cards, and they’re moved by the inspirational or thoughtful messages within the cards. If that works for you, then go for it. However, you may find them too trite to bring back that spark you’re seeking.

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Inspire Yourself and Others

Inspiration is everywhere, although it’s not always as easy to spot during challenging times.  When the tough gets going, it can be very distracting and one may easily get stuck in rut and can be difficult to get out. But you can find inspiration for yourself and others all around you.

It’s important to remember that inspiration means different things to different people. What someone finds stimulating, someone else may find little value or beauty in. If you’re going to find your own flash of creativity, you can look for what you’re interested in.

What to Look for When Inspiring Others

Since you may not always know what others like, it can be difficult to get through to others and inspire them. Rather than showing others what inspires you – which might not work for them – strive to teach others how to look for the spark they seek. When they know what to look for, they’ll be able to see inspiration every place they look for it. more »


Maintain a Positive Mindset

You are what you think you are.  Whatever is in your mind determines your personality and character.  Well, easier said than done.  I know.  Do you have days when you know it’s better to be upbeat and positive but just can’t bring yourself to it ?  Especially when you are overwhelmed by your work and life’s responsibilities.

It is not easy but we can try to improve our mood and experience the feeling that you deserve
1. Start your day with something positive.

Decide each morning that you’ll start the day headed in the right direction. Instead of waking up on the wrong side of the bed and setting the stage for a grouchy day, resolve to experience something positive first thing in the morning.