I Make My Home a Haven of Peace and Harmony

Creating a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere in my home brings me joy. I smile as I see my family following my lead in keeping the peace. Regardless of what happens during the day, I know that I can always find support, comfort, and peace in my home. My home is a sanctuary for my family, our guests, and me.

My home is peaceful because I choose to make it that way. Each day, I focus on peace and serenity rather than allow negative emotions to take control. A happy home is worth working for. I strive to maintain a positive attitude through all situations.

Challenges are temporary concerns that come and go. I avoid allowing them to bring me down, knowing that happiness is a state of mind. I choose to be happy. Peace is a gift I give to my family and myself even as we work through challenges.

Remaining calm is easy for me. Because I feel better and can think more clearly when I am relaxed, my first priority in stressful situations is to take a deep breath to help relax my body and mind. I put the situation in perspective and work toward a positive resolution.

Through my own gentle and happy attitude, I make my home a harmonious place. The happier I am, the happier my family is also. Everyone wins when I am relaxed at home.

Today, I allow peace and harmony to reign in my home, knowing that happiness is found in how I choose to live each moment.


Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What can I do to keep happiness and peace in my home?
  2. How can I convince others to stay peaceful at home?
  3. Are there steps I can take to remain focused and more relaxed?


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3 Responses
  1. Mily says:

    I like to make my family peace too.but I don’t know the exact action I can do.Can you help me to figure it out.

  2. Jane says:

    Home is a peaceful place to me
    I feel happiness and peace in my home most of the time.

    YOU SHOULD COMULICATIONG DEEPLY WITH YOUR FAMILY.For example ,you need have a talk with your family members,it is important .This is a direct way for you to express your heart to your family.ALL of them will think it is a way to express love.Don’t talk so many things about your work.Just a free talk ,like a friend.
    TAKE CARE OF YOUR SPEAKING. Different people have different means to express love.And this is the point .You must be calm to listen to others thought.Then in his way ,to give your responds.That is work for staying peaceful.
    Have a time just for you ,and leave a time to others.You and your family have to give each other ,some of their own time ,to enjoy themselves! Just keep a comfortable distant to each other .It is the important of all.
    I am very pleasant to write this .is it can help you ?

  3. sunraincd says:

    very good.thank you!

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