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Strategies for Living a Conscious Life

Would you like to get more out of your life? It’s never too late to make a new choice or reverse your life’s course. One way to live a more enriched life is to be conscious of what you’re doing at every moment. This way, you stay connected with your behavior and feelings.

For example, you’ve decided to stop eating potato chips and chocolate. You make a pledge to yourself to watch what you eat. But two hours later, you suddenly realize you’re sitting in front of the television, bag of potato chips in hand.

Now imagine the same scenario, yet this time you behave differently. You spend some time thinking about how to ensure you avoid potato chips and chocolate. You decide to take your junk food over to a friend’s house and leave it there. At dinner, you smile to yourself as you prepare to eat a salad and baked chicken because you plan to thoughtfully focus on eating healthy.

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Do Not Be Afraid to Fail

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” There are no failures, just your experience and reactions to them”

… Tom Krause

Most of us are afraid of failures.  But why ?  Yes, failures can create a negative feeling within us and the feeling does not feel good at all. But let’s take a positive look at the situation.  With careful reflection, we will know what are the causes of failure and not to repeat them again.  This is experience and is positive.  It helps us grow our wealth of knowledge.

However, the most important point is that we do not repeat the same mistake again.  Otherwise, we are not better off than the previous experience.

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What is Creative Visualization ?

According to wikipedia, Creative Visualization is “the technique of using one’s imagination to visualize specific behaviors or events occurring in one’s life”.  In other words, Creative visualization is a technique that changes your outlook about the world and, in turn, makes changes happen in your life. This is the idea behind the practice of positive thinking. Successful people have advocated positive thinking since the 1800s.

The technique of creative visualization is used to achieve all types of goals, from financial to athletic to academic. Studies involving athletes have shown that athletes who incorporated creative visualization techniques into their training regimens had significantly improved performance over those athletes who relied on physical training alone.

  • Creative visualization can help you to achieve any goal, as long as you’re willing to commit to the technique.

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What does success mean to you ?

What is success and what does success really mean to you? It’s important to clarify your thoughts, goals and desires before you can achieve success! You can’t work towards something passionately when you aren’t sure what the end result will be.

Success means many different things to different people. Unfortunately, the tendency is to view monetary gain as success. However, financial wealth is only a small part of overall success.

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There Are No Failures

“There are no failures, just experiences and your reactions to them”

… Tom Krause
There are no failures


Stop Sabotaging Your Success

Do you find yourself repeating behaviors that sabotage your success? Are you ready to put your limiting behavior to rest in favor of a better outlook and greater fulfillment?

You must know what is sabotaging your journey to success.  Being aware of these is an important step forward.  Thus, the first step to the success you crave is being able to recognize the limiting beliefs that stand in the way of your success. Once you do, you can banish those beliefs in favor of more empowering ones.

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Bring Satisfaction in Your Life

Life is a beautiful journey that you only get the pleasure to enjoy once. For this reason, it’s important that you maximize your time on this earth by ensuring that you enjoy every single moment you can.

It’s the little things in life that bring you the most joy. Some people believe that your level of personal happiness is dependent upon the actions of others. While contributions from your loved ones certainly can boost your spirits, the key to everyday satisfaction rests within your own hands.

Try these four strategies to bring more satisfaction into your life each day:

1.     Spend time alone with your partner.

Love is one of the most potent prescriptions for happiness. Luckily, it’s free, enjoyable for both parties and readily available! Take advantage of the wonderful person you have by your side and spend as much quality time together as possible.

If your schedules allow, plan a weekly date night even if you live together. Being in a lively atmosphere where the crowd just disappears will bring you back to your very first days of falling in love. And remember: Make an effort to look good for your big night.

While it is important to make time for your significant other, it’s also essential to your personal contentment to ensure that you have an identity outside of your relationship. Devote time to yourself, your private hobbies, and your friends on a regular basis to maximize your satisfaction in everyday life. more »


Reduce Stress Through Laughter

Laughter truly is the best medicine. A healthy daily dose of laughter can cut through the deepest feelings of stress and anxiety. Laughter can replace those feelings with a sense of joy that strengthens you to overcome any obstacle you face. Laughter also enhances your relationships by bringing you and the ones you love closer together.

Laughter can have positive effects on your physical health, too. Enjoying funny jokes or silly moments can help you feel more relaxed and less tense. This puts less pressure on your body’s systems and may even promote a healing response within your body.

When you’re feeling intense emotions, laughter can be a powerful tool to work through them. A healthy sense of humor acts as an emotional distraction and creates a fresh perspective on your circumstance. Laughter is often the quickest and most effective way to combat strong feelings of anger and frustration.

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My Dreams are Real and Achievable

I have plenty of high hopes and dreams, but I am sure to keep my feet on the ground when it comes to planning my goals.

Even if I need to do a lot of preparation or further my education or skills, I plan achievable ways to obtain what I need. I know that, when my goal is achievable, I am destined for success!

I take all the time I need to make a sure-fire action plan. This plan becomes my roadmap for my journey to reach my goals and I detail every step of the way. I make each task one of the steps on my path. Every task I complete, no matter how small, is another step closer to my goal.

An ancient proverb states, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Therefore, I make my first tasks quick and easy ones so I can get started without much ado. Placing easy tasks at the beginning also helps me build momentum that motivates me and keeps me going when I encounter challenges.

Some might say that I have my head in the clouds with my dreams, but I am confident that my plan will get me where I want to go. I take action every day to work toward completing my next task.

Even if a task might take years, like going back to school to get a specialized degree, I am patient because I know I am still moving forward according to my plan.

Today, I intend to make a detailed plan for one of my highest goals, making it real and achievable for me!

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What is my most exciting dream for my future?
  2. Is this dream real and achievable, even if it should take years to reach my goal?
  3. Have I made my roadmap of how I’m going to get there?

Keeping A Clear Mind in Chaos

Ever feel that 24 hours is not enough for the day ? Feel that there is so much to do that you do not have enough time to complete everything ? It is quite common nowadays expectations of us is high, be it at work or at home.

When your life gets crazy, you need to put yourself first to maintain your mental health.

Maybe these six tips can help keep yourself organized and a clear mind :

1.   Make sure you save some time for yourself

Note that no matter how busy you are, you must carve out some time for yourself every day.

Everyone has their own activities that help them relax. Find something that you find relaxing. Do you feel pampered with a long, warm bubble bath? Listening to a piece of your favorite music? Whatever it is, find something that you enjoy, take deep breaths and relax.

Give yourself this time to relax and enjoy these moments to allow your body, mind and soul to recharge itself so that you are productive when you return to complete the rest of the tasks.

2.   Stay organized

Your life can be much easier if you maintain good organization. You will save time and gain a feeling of control over your circumstances. This time allows you the opportunity to spend moments for yourself to rejuvenate your energy and thoughts.

Before you start your day, create a to-do list for the day. Rank the items from the most important to the least important, most urgent to the least urgent. Start with the most urgent and important one first. At the end of the day, you walk away with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you used your time in the most effective way possible.

3.    Take a deep breath

If you find that stress is catching on you, stay cool and calm, take a step back, take a deep breath and count to ten slowly. This will allow you time to clear your mind and decide on the most effective and appropriate response.

When you learn to focus on your breath, you’ll likely discover that your breathing is shallow during stressful situations. Learn to breathe deeply from your belly to feel a greater sense of peace in the midst of the storms of your life.

4.   Meditate

Mediation is a great way to calm your mind and regain focus when things seem to go out of control. Purge all thoughts from your mind and reorganize your thoughts.

5.   Regular exercise

A moderate amount of exercise each day is all you need to improve your fitness. Getting through our busy days not only requires a strong mental health, it requires physical stamina as well. Find a exercise that you enjoy; be it a stroll in the park, slow jog, yoga, or a game of football with your children.

A walk or jog in the park, for example can get your mind off the many tasks you have on hand. Pay attention to the sights and sounds of your natural surroundings and the peace of the environment.

6.   Take one step at a time

Life often requires you to juggle many different situations at once. It’s overwhelming if you try to think of each one of those things at the same time.

Focus on one task at a time and work at the task until it’s complete. Then move on to the next task. If you keep putting one foot in front of the other, everything on your to-do list will eventually get accomplished.

Remember that you’re not alone. If you need to talk to someone else about your busy life, reach out to positive people in your life who truly care about you. Sometimes, just talking may help you to clear your mind of everything.

Enjoy the peace you deserve today !